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Chronic Fatigue School

A 12-week mindbody healing program

For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME, Long Covid, POTS, Anxiety + other chronic unexplained symptoms

Introducing the Self-Healer Assistants!

Featuring a 30 min Check-In with our Assistants

This is an opportunity for you to have a 30 min talk with one of our assistants who have experience using our tools and healing themselves. They will answer your direct questions around using the tools, feeling stuck and feeling demotivated. They provide the extra support and guidance you require in moments of need.

In the right time. In the right moment.


It is time to reach out one of our Self-Healer Assistants when you’re feeling stuck on a particular tool and cannot find your answers in the FAQs or the forum. When you want more personalised support and guidance. When you feel emotionally stuck and need someone to provide motivation and empowerment. Your self-healer assistants are your greatest healing cheerleaders!

Meet the Self-Healer Assistants


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I was born and bred in Manchester in the UK. My passion for gigs and festivals led me to pursue a career working behind the scenes at some of the country’s biggest venues and event spaces, running sold-out performances for bands such as Prodigy and Fatboy Slim. I love being outdoors, trekking through the amazing countryside the north of England has to offer, and my obsession with dogs is totally out of hand. 


My healing story 

After being bed bound for the majority of 2021, I saw 2022 as an opportunity to change this and take control, and that's why I entered CFS School (Jen and Karden).

Through CFS school I have learnt that I can heal myself and stop looking externally for answers. Jen and Karden have taught me that I'm not broken, I have everything in me to heal. My world is starting to open up again, I am able to get outside so much more and see friends and family without worrying of the consequences.

I now have all the tools to manage my dysregulation and no longer fear it when it arises. I am more present and connected with my mind and body and I'm so excited for the future and what it holds for me.

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I’m Rachael, but very much known as Rach, and I live a seaside lifestyle where my home is in Southsea (Portsmouth) on the South Coast of England. I’m 31 years young and my weeks currently revolve around attending local yoga & Pilates classes, sea swims, working on my property business with my partner, and spending plenty of time active outdoors! Not forgetting connecting most days with this wonderful community of self-healers. 


My healing story 

Before I stumbled across CFS School I had been particularly unwell for around 3 years with chronic fatigue syndrome. This meant long-term sickness from work and drastic changes to my active and full lifestyle.

My first experience of fatigue was actually when I was about 12 years old though. I’d recently moved up to secondary school, moved up to the ‘top squad’ at my competitive swimming club and my Mum had recently stopped work for health reasons. I’d had virus after virus that wouldn’t shift and I eventually saw a paediatrician who told me I had post-viral fatigue. I was advised to rest for 6 weeks. That was it. Thy was all of the guidance and support there was then. After a couple of years of struggling & muddling through, by the time I was about 14 I was okay-ish again. The fatigue part was less of an issue but looking back anxiety and other examples of nervous system dysregulation we’re definitely evident. 

When I went to University at 18 part of me was experiencing depression and turned to binge eating to ‘cope’. A lot of my teens & 20s involved ‘pushing’ myself in all aspects of my life: academics, work, social life & sporting achievements. 

Symptoms mounted and in the summer of 2019 I had a breakdown, both mentally & physically (I now believe Mindbody to be one word though). I was fortunate to have a local CFS service who helped with symptom management, which helped me improve, but it only got me so far as it didn’t address healing the nervous system. Fast forward through various ups & downs, trying many other treatments, and some online research and forums - then I landed upon Jennifer on Instagram and discovered CFS School. 

Coming out the other side of feeling trapped in my own body, I’m aligning with my true self more as more as I move through my days and weeks. I’m able to do so many activities that bring me joy (especially high energy watersports!) and feel optimistic about what’s to come in my future.

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My professional background is in Project Management in the Banking industry in Ireland, prior to which I worked and travelled in the USA, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and India. Now, I live in Greystones, Wicklow, Ireland with my husband and two young daughters

My Healing Story

I am a graduate of the CFS School Live Programme in 2022 from which I fully recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. and Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia.

My decades-long ill health began in my early teens when I got glandular fever (Epstein Barr virus) and was sick for months. Thereafter, a host of various symptoms ensued culminating in being bed bound and in chronic pain with no answers or support for recovery.

However, I never stopped searching for a way out as I believed full recovery was possible, having watched others who had recovered before me share their story.

I tried everything under the sun within my reach, even achieving 70% recovery after brain retraining but plateaued. It was not until I turned my attention to the Nervous System and Trauma did I find CFS School which resonated deeply with me. I continue to learn and practice with beautiful results and am passionate about supporting others in healing as well.


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