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Booking Terms

I consent to participating in this 45 minute 1-1 with a CFS School Mentor  and I know that the purpose of the session is for my Mentor to offer support & guidance with using the CFS School tools. I consent to email contact from my Mentor/CFS School/Stress School LLC.

I am aware that my Mentor is not a medical professional, health coach, Mindbody healing practitioner, or psychologist. The guidance that my Mentor will give during my 1-1 mentoring sessions will be based on her own understanding, beliefs & experience.

My Mentor  is not in any way responsible for my health, healing or recovery. I am solely responsible for my own health, life decisions & actions/inactions I take. My Mentor is not responsible for any results, non-results or any consequences that may arise. 

My Mentor/CFS School/Stress School LLC will hold my contact information and not share it with anyone without my prior permission. If I share any personal safety concerns in a session it is my own responsibility to seek help for my safety. 

I know that I should always consult a Doctor or health care provider before making any health related changes. These mentoring sessions are not meant to determine health, diet, diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition or illness. These 1-1 sessions do not constitute medical advice.

This 3-session package is for support purposes only. No medical/mental health professional relationship can be established between I & my Mentor/CFS School/Stress School LLC beyond our 3 sessions together. I

I understand  that in paying for this 3-session package, I will communicate with my Mentor during my booked appointments only. Any pre- and post- session communication & support by other means or on other platforms will be at my Mentor's discretion. 

In completing this purchase, I agree to the cancellation policy below: 

If you need to cancel or reschedule your call, you must do so at least 24 hours before your appointment. Otherwise, you lose that session. You can still book any other remaining session(s). 

If you lose connection during your call, your Mentor will remain available on the call for the duration to allow you to re-join. If you are unable to reconnect, that session cannot be rescheduled.

If your Mentor loses connection for a short period, your call time will be extended to account for this. If the call has to be discontinued, your Mentor will offer a rescheduled appointment.

If you do not join the Zoom call within the first 10 minutes and have not contacted your Mentor by email to notify them of any technical challenges, you will lose your call. 

There are no refunds for any calls you miss under this policy. 

1:1 Mentoring with Dani

3-Session Package
Now $260 until Jan. 1, 2024

This package includes three 45-minute video sessions.

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All sessions must be booked by February 29, 2024.