All the knowledge and techniques you need to heal your chronic fatigue, anxiety, POTS, fibromyalgia, and more to change your life.

Healing Begins Here

Healing Begins Here

Get the guidance and all the life-changing tools you need to heal your chronic fatigue, pain, anxiety, and other symptoms.


Your course was indeed the final missing piece of self healing I never gave up searching for in the hope I would finally feel like I do today. Peaceful in my mind and body, with an understanding of what caused the dis-ease and the tools to fine tune wellness, health and happiness, mind, body, and soul."


"I just find myself speechless when I think about how much you have both given me. Even now, I am sitting here with my fingers on the keys and just staring into the sunshine through my window without any words.


I guess that’s what it's felt like. I feel as though you’ve both reintroduced me to the sunshine after a long time in the shadows."

You're exhausted and frustrated.

You know that what you've been told is flat-out wrong.

You don't believe that your only option is to learn to live with this 'reality' of chronic symptoms. 

But so many things are working against you:

  • All the traditional solutions for your chronic pain and fatigue aren’t working 
  • Doctors listen but don't really hear you
  • Your never-ending search for solutions online leaves you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain
  • Your well-meaning friends and family just don't get what you're going through

But most of all, you’re frustrated and angry that you don't understand what's happening to you.

You desperately want to know why you're going through this nightmare. 

Everything you need is within you.

We show you how to tap into your own powerful abilities.


Chronic Fatigue School is a unique mind-body disorders healing program that puts you in the driver's seat while giving you the support you need to keep going. 


We bring together proven brain retraining and nervous system healing tools and techniques that not only help you heal your body but also your deep emotional pain.

This transformative 12-week program is the result of our decades of first-hand experience and extensive training and research.

CFS School's life-changing special sauce is the combination of our varied and deep expertise:


The Total Consciousness Rewire Approach

 Brain Retraining

  • Learn about the connections between trauma, stress, and chronic illness so you can address the root causes of your symptoms
  • Develop your awareness of thoughts and beliefs in the mind and states in the body so you can transform unhelpful survival patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • Practice and learn SPACE - our effective brain retraining method - that includes the core concepts of True Self, Parts, Envisaging, and Embodying 

Polyvagal + Somatic Practices

  • Polyvagal theory-based therapies for healing your nervous system and exercises for soothing fight or flight and freeze states
  • Experience the ways in which we can influence our autonomic nervous system by stimulating our Vagus nerve in conjunction with brain retraining
  • Practical videos, guides, and tools on Vagus nerve and somatic stimulation to help regulate and soothe the mind and body

Self-Directed Trauma Resolution

  • Inner child work to help heal deep wounds that lie behind anxiety, depression, fatigue, overwhelm, OCD, and chronic stress
  • Somatic-based techniques like super parts work, true Self work, pendulation, and reparenting  
  • Discover how to feel repressed emotions so that the body can finally tell its story and restore wholeness and balance

The Emerge Practice

  • Develop a Daily Chrysalis practice to integrate and sustain all that you've learned into your day-to-day life
  • Discover the authentic you that's been hidden under trauma and dysregulation, establish boundaries and take bold action to create a life that works for you
  • Practice neuroscience-based manifestation practices so that your outer world aligns with your inner world and learn to experience a new-found sense of flow

Organizations we've worked with:


A few of the organizations we've worked with:

Just a few of the incredible #CFSSchoolWins our students have shared with us!


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CFS School has helped thousands of self healers change their lives. 

If you're ready to join, rest assured that you can follow the program in whatever way works best for you.

While it's designed as a 12-week journey, you get lifetime access and can take it at your own pace.

CFS School Self-Study


What's included:

  • CFS School's 12-week Mind + Body Healing Program
  • More than 35 audio and video lessons + practices and demonstrations 
  • Weekly Healing Reminder Emails
  • Lifetime Access to all content
  • Option to book CFS Graduate Assistant 1:1 check-ins for an additional fee
  • Payment plan available - (3 monthly payments of $210/month)